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yey for hiking. - The life that God has blessed me with!
October 16th, 2006
03:06 pm


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yey for hiking.
so..i thought i'd update. this is gonna take longer than normal, because i'm trying to type with an injured left ring finger. :( i was at the peaks yesterday and caught a football, and when i did i hurt it...pretty bad actually...it was swellin up pretty good..and today it's turning colors. well only one color really...i had to get my purity ring off. It wouldnt come off for a while and it was really worrying me, becausae nomrally it's really easy to take off...i was cryin like a baby. no really i was. lol. finally it came off wiht dish detergent. anyway, they think i might have sprained/fractured..but hopefully not broken my ring finger. :( so i talked to a nurse and she said that going to the doctor wouldnt do much. they would just tell me to put ice on it a lot during the day, and keep a splint on it to immobolize my finger. so here i am with this very unattractive, big, ugly splint on my finger that is very inconvenient but oh well.

besides the finger, i had the best time ever at the peaks with Christopher's family. :) took lots of pics. :)

so my bday is this friday and i'm excited about that!!! Very!!! :)

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